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Eric "The Fred" Fretheim, writes part-time and works in the design portion of the semiconductor industry. Politically orphaned when the conservative wing of the Democratic party died out in Texas and now refuses to side with either major party in today's falsely polarized political world.

I am no longer allied to any political party nor any other organization with a political nature. Up until the early 90s I was a Conservative Democrat (yes, I know younger readers think this is an oxymoron) and even attended my state party convention as a Tsongas delegate. After that, I gave up hope for the Conservative wing and turned independent.

I generally vote Libertarian and occasionally send them a few bucks, so they would probably consider me 'allied' -- my vote went to Bob Barr when most others voted for Obama or McCain -- but the LP does not represent my views all that well either. At heart I am at best a 'little L'. However, the Libertarians tend to offend me far less often than the two major parties.

So why didn't I join the GOP like most ex-Dems of the conservative stripe? I have quite a few reasons, but in a nutshell, I abhor politicians who frequently and willfully misrepresent themselves, and this outweighs any sympathy I might have had for their positions.

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